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Community Involvement

The E.ON Czech as an energy supplier is putting an important role in its operational regions.

In our locations, we not only function as a noted employer and investor but we take a proactive approach in building good relations within our operating environment.

For the most part, our assistance is aimed at the progress of youth and children, education and ecology. As energy specialists, we provide the public with information about energy efficiency, savings, safety, renewable sources, etc. As stated by Henry Ford, one of the greatest world-recognized entrepreneurs several decades ago: "A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business."

In the project called "Energy for Children", E.ON Czech focuses on energy-related education. It uses varied approaches to bring to children knowledge in such fields as energy, efficient use of energy, safety, renewable energy sources, environmental protection, etc. Under the name "Small Energy Academy", it runs an educational program for schools, further complemented with an online competition. This competition was developed in cooperation with a non-profit organization focusing on free-time activities for children and the youth. "Bambiriáda" is a national exhibition show of children's and youth's free-time activities that takes place in several cities and towns across the Czech Republic and lasts for four days. E.ON Czech participates in this event in forms apprehensible to children and communicates energy topics to the wide public. "E.ON Energy Truck" complements "Energy for Children" projects and makes them even more appealing and tangible to the public.
E.ON Czech"s support goes also to the nationwide knowledge competition for children Eurorebus. We provide the main prize - one week trip around Europe E.ON Expedition Eurorebus.

The E.ON Czech also fully organizes a summer camp which offers two-week camping stays for children from Children's Homes. There they have the possibility to get the information about energy, environment, safety, etc. The Arpida Children's Center provides care to children with physical and combined handicaps in České Budějovice. Since 2008 E.ON Czech is also the partner of Kociánka Center for handicapped children in Brno, for which the company is carrying out an energy audit, thus assisting it in optimizing the energy performance of buildings.

Our community involvement is related also to other areas. In the field of culture, E.ON Czech has been a long-term partner to the International Music Festival in Český Krumlov.

Our aid towards the preservation of our cultural heritage in Bohemia and Moravia has also been substantial. We support the Ora et labora Foundation seeking to save a Baroque-style Benedictine Monastery in Rajhrad and we are also the general partner of the Hrady na Malši Association intent on the preservation of picturesque castle ruins situated on the Malše river and creating an environment that would facilitate learning about our history and architecture. Our primary motivation in supporting these activities is the transfer of knowledge and history context to the young generations.

An aid that we provide and see as highly needed is our support to Czech healthcare services. We have been providing long-term financial support to eight hospitals located within our distribution territory and, additionally as a tradition, we donate Christmas presents for children in the hospitals in attendance of executives.

Our donations in the sports represent a significant part of the E.ON Czech's effort for better welfare in the region. The idea of family football is realized in our supporting of youth and its sports growth.

The E.ON CR Junior Cup soccer tournament series is organized for young soccer players of age 10 or younger. The main prize for the winning team is that they will represent the Czech Republic in the international tournament in Gilching, Germany.

Our motto: "The mayor is not just a customer" is the underlying idea of activities performed by area managers. These managers render help to the representatives of municipalities in non-standard situations and foster good relations, primarily by maintaining personal contact. The "Komunal.info" newsletter for mayors is distributed to all municipalities, towns and cities within the territory and helps inform the representatives of self-administrations on various topics of interest. The mayors also find very useful the seminars that we organize and where our specialists meet groups of mayors personally. The seminars provide best opportunity to explain the energy market and pricing issues, to recommend the best ways to optimize and achieve savings, as well as to review the rules for safe manipulation with electricity. We support also the meeting of mayors for themselves and various local events in towns and villages in our distribution region.

An important role in the relations with municipalities is maintained by E.ON Czech's support to various activities aimed at energy savings - energy audits that we organize and towards which we contribute financially, or direct support to particular measures such as the financing of lighting fixture replacements in schools.

Energy Globe Award is today's most prominent and prestigious worldwide environmental prize. The projects are showcased that conserve and protect our resources or that employ renewable energy. Energy Globe Award is powered by E.ON Czech in Czech Republic and we consider this partnership to be our contribution to forming public awareness of the sustainable development.