E.ON Czech republic

E.ON Distribuce, a.s.

Within our energy group, we are responsible for the operation of the electrical distribution system in South Bohemia and South Moravia and gas distribution system in South Bohemia.

Basic information about the company

Company name

E.ON Distribuce, a.s.

Company address

F. A. Gerstnera 2151/6, 370 49 České Budějovice

Identification number (IN)


Tax identification number (VATIN)


Bank account

Komerční banka, account number 279426120297/0100

Legal form

Akciová společnost (form of a joint-stock company)

Company website www.eon-distribuce.cz

The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the Regional Court in České Budejovice, Section B, Insert 1772.

E.ON Distribuce is responsible for reporting on the regulation, long-term planning of distribution assets development, planning of electricity and gas network maintenance volumes, and preparation of agreements to connect new sources to the grid. Except that, it functions as a liaison body for the Energy Regulatory Office.

Board of Directors

Zdeněk Bauer

Chairman of the Board

Pavel Čada

Vice Chairman of the Board

David Šafář

Člen představenstva

Supervisory Board

Dr. Thomas König

předseda dozorčí rady

Lorenz Josef Pronnet

Supervisory Board Vicechairman

Tomáš Bělohoubek

Supervisory Board Member

Martin Záklasník

Supervisory Board Member

Martin Picmaus

Supervisory Board Member

Miroslav Pelouch

Supervisory Board Member