E.ON Czech republic

E.ON Energie, a.s.

Within our energy group, we are responsible for trading with electricity and gas on the Czech market. Our activities include the production of electricity and heat in the Czech Republic. We coordinate and manage the activities of the Group in these areas so as to obtain a stable leading position on the Czech energy market.

Basic information about the company

Company name  E.ON Energie, a.s.
Company address F. A. Gerstnera 2151/6, 370 49 České Budějovice
Identification number (IN) 26078201
Tax identification number (VATIN) CZ26078201
Bank account Komerční banka, account number 279426110267/0100
Legal form

Akciová společnost (form of a joint-stock company)

Information for shareholders Registering of shares

The company is registered in the Register Court in České Budějovice, Section B, Insert 1390.

E.ON Energie purchases services related to electricity and gas, meeting the legal requirements in relation to the purchase of energy from renewable and decentralized energy sources, preparing contracts with eligible customers and the management of our products

Board of Directors

Martin Záklasník


Jan Zápotočný

Member of the Board

Supervisory Board

Karsten Wildberger

Supervisory Board Chairman

Tomáš Bělohoubek

Supervisory Board Member

Martin Picmaus

Supervisory Board Member

Miroslav Pelouch

Supervisory Board Member

Filip Thon

Supervisory Board Member