We check the impact of our activities on the environment, introducing the best available technologies and practices, and following all the rules of environmental protection.

One of the pillars of responsible management within the E.ON Energy Group is the Code of Ethics. It is a set of specific rules governing our entire Group based on values and principles of our company.

We continue to minimize the negative impact of our activities on the environment.

In supplying our customers with the electricity, we choose methods and technologies to make our services both as reliable and environment-friendly as possible.

Environmental protection principles we follow:

  1. We comply with all legal requirements related to the environmental protection. The same is true for the requirements beyond the normal legislation to which we are pledged.
  2. Negative impacts from our activities on the environment are systematically and gradually being reduced and will continue to do so in the future. This is particularly true for treating oil or other hazardous substances.
  3. Old environmental burdens in our buildings are being gradually removed.
  4. We are reducing the mortality of birds on power lines.
  5. We spread awareness of environmental protection among our employees and contractors to minimize the negative impacts caused by the human factor.
  6. We discuss environmental issues with the public, public authorities and other stakeholders.
  7. We use green energy sources.

The vast majority of the electricity supplied to our customers is purchased from other producers and traders. We ourselves produce electricity from renewable (water) sources and in heating plants (Tábor heating plant, Kyjov heating plant) in the Czech Republic.

The heat produced and sold by our company is produced in heating plants using natural gas as fuel, which is not subject to the obligation to keep records of CO2 production.