Do you think that your claim or complaint has not been resolved properly?

The ombudsman will review your case again. He will focus mainly on whether the assessment of your claim has been done factually and fairly and in accordance with legislation.

  1. Terms of Submission

    The Ombudsman deals with submissions that meet the following conditions:

    • The case concerns E.ON Czech Republic, s.r.o.; E.ON Energie, a.s. or E.ON Distribuce, a.s.

    • The case went through two steps of the standard process for handling complaints. If not, the ombudsman will suggest to the customer to contact the customer support or the department resolving complaints.

    • The matter concerned is not or has not been the subject of litigation.

    • The subject of filing a complaint to the Ombudsman cannot be a complaint of an electricity producer.

  2. Contact the Ombudsman

    The ombudsman can be contacted in writing at the address below, via email or fax. The Ombudsman will call you if necessary.

    E.ON Czech Republic Ombudsman

    F. A. Gerstnera 2151/6
    370 49 České Budějovice
    Fax: +420 387 862 903

    Please describe accurately the entire case. Remember to include your personal information (name, mailing address, address and place of consumption) and all the details enabling the Ombudsman to identify the complaint you are addressing him with. Enclosing copies of all relevant documents will also help with solving your request.

  3. Course of Investigation

    Each submission complying with the criteria mentioned in point 1) is analysed in detail. This includes verification of all information, related documents, data contained in our information systems and, where appropriate, identifying relevant facts on the site. The investigation has no suspensive effect on previous decisions and procedures resulting from handling the complaint or claim.

    The Ombudsman, after reviewing the entire case and all related formalities, will notify the customer as well as companies concerned with his decision and propose a possible solution. If it is accepted by both parties, the entire case will be closed. In case the customer is not satisfied with the solution, there will be additional re-evaluation, the outcome of which is final and cannot be appealed.