Responsible management

Following the Code of Ethics

One of the pillars of responsible management within the E.ON Energy Group is the Code of Ethics. It is a set of specific rules governing our entire Group based on values ​​and principles of our company.

Communicating openly and being reliable in crisis situations

To comply with our customers' wishes as much as possible, we actively inform them about what is happening in our communities, provided services and products, legislative changes and other innovations in the field of energy. We realize that our customers are different and have different requirements. We organize various meetings and seminars for corporations and deputy mayors and publish online magazine e.fórum. We operate a customer Internet portal for businesses and households.

Reliable electricity supply is a key factor for the quality of our services. Moreover, it is tested by natural disaster. A distribution facility cannot ever be completely prepared for this, but minimizing their impacts is a clear priority for us in a given moment. The teams of our service people work in risky situations with maximum effort while closely cooperating with fire fighters and the personnel of emergency services.

Satisfied employees = satisfied customers

E.ON offers its employees with excellent working conditions, competitive remuneration, extensive social benefits and high safety standards.

Health care and the promotion of healthy lifestyles of our employees is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. Preventive examinations, vaccination, benefits for spa stays belong to the measures we use to take care of the health of our people. Each employee may annually draw funds from the so-called social fund that can be used to pay for additional health care and relaxation.

Working closely with high schools and universities

We have established cooperation with ten faculties of technical and economic universities in recent years. The provided support brings us an opportunity to get a quality, university-educated professionals, besides being in touch with scientific development.

High schools are supported as well. The Assembler Youth project is underway in two of them (Sokolnice and Hluboká High Schools). This is a recurring three-year program with the selected trainees becoming well-prepared employees of the company after its successful completion.