E.ON Health

Health deserves the best care, so why not to have a doctor on call 24/7, above-standard accommodation in the hospital or secured compensation for a possible hospitalization.

The service is designed for our customers without restrictions. Moreover, the benefits can be used by more members of the household.

E.ON Health Range of Services and Coverage

Range of Services

Indemnity Limit per Event

Doctor on call 

Without restrictions

Above-standard accommodation in hospital

CZK 10,000

Accommodation with a child (under 15 years) in hospital

CZK 10,000

Accommodation of a relative

CZK 10,000

Compensation for hospitalization (9 nights)

 CZK 5,000

Transport to/from hospital

 CZK 5,000

Transport (and if necessary) an accompaniment for a check-up

 CZK 5,000

Medication delivery/payment of charges for prescription

  3x after hospitalization/CZK 500

All this for CZK 79 per month.

If you would like to order this service, please check our czech version page about E.ON Health service.