Support for customer

Changing the contract personal data

Change of a mailing address or permanent residence

The permanent address should match the address you have on your identity card. If you change permanent and mailing address due to moving, you can directly report a change of both addresses, even if there is still the old address in your identity card.

A mailing address may be different from permanent address and the place of consumption. This is the address to which we will send all mail.

Change of a last name

Changing your last name does not change the customer; it is e.g. a change of last name due to marriage or divorce, etc.

For the successful implementation of changes, please have:

  • a copy of a marriage certificate, personal data of your spouse and consent to the processing of personal data (change due to marrying)

  • a copy of a registry document about the change of last name (other change of name)

Change of a phone number, email or fax

To address the above issues, please contact us via email at, or visit us at one of our consulting centres and we will help you with the change.