Support for customer

There is a problem with the gas supply

If the natural gas supply is interrupted at your supply point, first make sure that this situation only affects your home (your supply point), or neighbouring flats/houses as well.

Interruption only affects your supply point

Check if the main gas shut-off valve is not closed.

If the supply still does not work, make sure you have not forgotten to make any payments.

If your payments are paid in order, contact the distributor’s emergency line:

  • Gas 1239

To expedite the service, please tell the Emergency Service workers the following information: name and surname of the reporter; name and surname of the customer; address or detailed description of the place where the failure has occurred (town, street, house number); failure specification, what does not work; telephone contact.

If your payments are not in order or if there are payment discrepancies, please contact the toll line at 840 111 222 (weekdays 7am–4pm).

Interruption of supply does not concern only your supply point

In this case, it is probably a planned work or failure. Details about the supply restoration can be obtained via the distributor's emergency line:

  • Gas 1239