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What is the Low Rate Validity?

Together with each double-rate electricity meter, there is a separate rate switch placed into an electricity meter distributor, mostly a mass remote control (MRC) or radio mass remote control (RMRC). Switching on and off certain appliances (e.g. water heater, heater, electric boiler, heat pump) is done thanks to this device as well as switching electricity output between a high and low rate (the low rate is sometimes colloquially called ‘night current’).

The MRC allows a distribution system operator to manage even and optimal network traffic in order to satisfy the greatest number of customers during normal operation. For example, if all the customers started heating at the same time, network congestion would follow, perhaps even a blackout. It is therefore necessary to regulate when a given household can heat or produce hot water at the low rate.

The distribution system operator allocates the MRC commands to the individual supply points with the switch time to ensure flat and time-appropriate distribution of power in the distribution network. If maintaining continuity of distribution network load is necessary, the distribution system operator is entitled to change an assigned MRC command.