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What does distribution rate optimization mean?

With the contract of connecting your supply point, you have agreed on the distribution rate which is granted by the use of electric energy consumption. Since then, however, the situation could change, some appliances may be added and some might not be used anymore. Since different prices apply for each distribution rate, choosing the right distribution rate can save your money.

Make use of a free offer and take our advice on having the right distribution rate via email to, or visit us at one of our consulting centres and we will help you with the change.

In addition to your personal data, please email us also your consumption point number or electricity meter number.

Look at the list of distribution rates and their purpose.

Distribution rate

Intended for:

D 01d

supply points consuming less electricity, such as smaller households, cottages, gardens, garages

D 02d

traditional household with conventional electric appliances where electricity is not used for heating and water heating

D 25d

supply points using electric storage appliance for heating or water heating

D 26d

supply points using storage appliance for heating

D 27d

customers who own or use an electric car

D 35d

supply points using a mixed system of electric heating (a combination of accumulation and direct heating)

D 45d

supply points using direct electrical appliances for heating

D 55d

supply points using heat pump put into operation until 31 March 2005 for heating

D 56d

supply points using heat pump put into operation since 1 April 2005 for heating

D 61d

supply points used mostly for weekend stays