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How to pay a late payment?

Advance payment

If you pay advance payments using a SIPO payment document, the Czech Post sends SIPO reminders automatically in the following month; there is no need to turn on the Czech Post individually. Payment can be made in cash on the last business day of the month at any Czech Post office. When paying the SIPO payment document by one-time transfer payment, the payment must be made so that the account of the Czech Post is credited on the last working day of the month of collection, which is listed on the SIPO document.

If you pay advance payments differently, please pay as soon as possible.

Other payment possibilities

  • Cash payment:

    • a cash deposit in a bank

    • postal order


  • Cashless payment:

    • a one-time transfer order

Balance payment

If you receive an invoice with a balance payment, follow the information contained in the invoice. Whether you pay the advance payments by any means of payment, please pay as soon as possible by a direct deposit payment in a bank, one-time bank transfer or postal order. Use the same data to pay.